Why the Wow Factor?


We help to create organisations where people bring their heart and soul to work with them. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary people. Our unique and exciting combination of experience, flair and innovation inspires people to navigate new challenges with confidence, courage and enthusiasm.


It’s a fast, exciting and sometimes scary world. The pace of change confronting organisations can be overwhelming. We must learn to work with complexity. This cannot be achieved simply by refining systems and processes. People, not systems, will make the difference in businesses, organisations and our communities. The competitive edge lies in new and different thinking. The challenges of the 21st century often mean that people come to work and feel themselves to be on the edge of chaos and disorder. One common response is stress.” I can’t cope with the pace of change, never getting to the end of anything!” We help people and organisations to have a more positive response – the edge of chaos can be a exciting place – a place where creativity is born. Organisations are groups of people trying to be effective and do things well. People can do extraordinary things. We inspire them to understand, know and live this. We inspire beyond the goosebumps, we inspire people to action – to change their world. At The Wow Factor, this is our work and the source of our joy. Radical new thinking has to start somewhere. Why not here? Why not now? Why not you?




Understnading We take time to understand your people and your business. This helps us walk with you through a new landscape. A new understanding of self, organisation and environment will help people to choose successful and effective strategies. more »


Being Who We Are and how we show up while we do our work is what makes the difference. more »


Being Doing things in new and different ways, with smiles on faces. . more »

Our Results

  • Increased and enhanced levels of Creativity
  • Innovation throughout the organisation
  • Radically improved communication
  • Improved Employee Relations
  • Willingness, confidence and courage to tackle difficult behaviour and poor performance
  • Staff volunteering
  • A “buzz” of joyful working